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I Used to Be Darker   (2013)

• Matthew Porterfield • En salle le 25-12-2013

• Musique composée par Artistes variés

Matthew Porterfield convoque divers titres dans son drame familial où la musique tient une place importante.

[© Texte : Cinezik] •

I Used to Be Darker

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Tracklist - Musiques présentes dans le film 

"Guitar" - Jana Hunter

"Swishas and Dosha" - UGK

"Clair de lune" - Debussy

"Beat" - Dope Body

"Pretty Baby" - The Entrance Band

"Danny Boy" - Kim and Taryn

"I Used to be darker" - Dustin Wong

"American Child" - Kim Taylor

"Jim Cain" - Bill Callahan

"A gift, a Ghost/Monday Alone" - Old Calf

"Days Like This" - Kim Taylor

"Steve's Festive Visions Revisited" - Other Dimensions in Music

"Sunday Morning" - Amanaz

"Wait for me, darling" - Georgia Gibbs

"You Weren't dead yet" - Ned Oldham and Jack Carneal

"You was born to die" - Willie McTell and Curly Weaver

"One That Got Away" - Ned Oldham

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