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Sollers Point - Baltimore   (2018)

Sollers point • de Matthew Porterfield • En salle le 29-08-2018

B.O de Artistes variés

Pour son drame situé dans un quartier de Baltimore (USA), Matthew Porterfield convoque divers artistes de Rock Metal (Cemetery Piss, Neurosis, Yob...).

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Sollers Point - Baltimore

Sortie de la BO

(août 2018)

Autour de cette BO


Fascist Institution - Doom

Run Up On Me -  Lor Choc

Shadows of You - Kenny Brent and Donna Harris

Rest in Piss - Cemetery Piss

Gravedancer - Pig Destroyer

Say Your Name Out Loud - Barry Thomas Goldberg

The Legend - Pallbearer

Nothing to Win - Yob

Inside Outside - Brieyon Bell-El (as Breezay)

One More Time - Salty Miller

Marrow - Yob

Fire is the End Lesson - Neurosis

City of the Angels - Elyse Weinberg

Happy Birthday to You - Marin Ireland and Juliet Jone

Reach - Neurosis

My City - YGG Tay

Summer Nights - Al Great feat. Daysia Star

To Be Lonely - Country Comfort

Never Again - Lightning Dust

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