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The Lord of the Ring : War in the North  ()

WaterTower Music (01 novembre 2011) | Jeux-Vidéo

Le compositeur Inon Zur réalise la bande son du jeu-vidéo LORD OF THE RING : THE WAR IN THE NORTH.

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The Lord of the Ring : War in the North

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1 Echoes Of Angmar
2 Between Hammer And Anvil
3 Sons Of Forgotten Kings
4 Nordinbad
5 Ghosts Of The Grey Mountains
6 The Savage Ettenmoors
7 Before The Citadel Gate
8 Into The Heart Of The Storm
9 Realm Of Ancient Kings
10 A Gathering Storm
11 The Savage Peaks
12 Men Of Carn Dûm
13 Trolls!
14 Beast Among The Ruins
15 In The Footsteps Of Kings
16 The Forges Of War
17 Halls Of Valor
18 Shadow On The Ettenmoors: Reprise
19 Against The Darkness

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