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La Vengeance du Petit Chaperon Rouge  (2011)

Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil

Lakeshore Records (17 mai 2011) | Original Score [musique originale]

Murray Gold, compositeur à la TV de DOCTOR WHO, écrit la musique de ce premier film de Mike Disa.

[© Texte : Cinezik] •

La Vengeance du Petit Chaperon Rouge

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. Happily Ever Before
2. Operation Free The Children
3. Out Of Reach
4. Red
5. Sister Hoods
6. HEA
7. Hoodwinked Hop
8. A Hasty Exit
9. A Long Standing Feud
10. The Amazing Granny Puckett
11. How It All Started
12. On The Trail Of Evil
13. An Unwelcome Disturbance
14. Three Pigs
15. A Pitiful Fight
16. The Song Of Kirk
17. The Unstoppable Hoods
18. A Dastardly Growth Spurt
19. Red Down
20. Legs
21. Go Red!
22. A Gigantic Problem
23. In Training
24. All In The Balance
25. Swaggering Through The City
26. Fight The Fight, Fighters
27. Until Next Time
28. Hoodwinked Logo

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