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Beneath   (2014)

• Larry Fessenden • •

• Musique composée par Fall On Your Sword / Will Bates

Will Bates, du groupe Fall On Your Sword, écrit la musique de ce film d'horreur de Larry Fessenden.

[© Texte : Cinezik] •


Sortie de la BO

Milan Records (16 juillet 2013)

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. Beneath
2. Packing
3. Only Friends on the Surface
4. Cast Off
5. Goddess of the Lake
6. Interior Sounds of Unsteady Senses (by Graham Reznick)
7. Something in the Water
8. Eulogy
9. Big Fish
10. Burial at Sea
11. Row You Heroes
12. Remorse
13. Kitty and the Axe
14. Choke
15. Things That Catch Up to You Catching Up to You (by Graham Reznick)
16. Last Stand
17. Blue Hull
18. What the F**k was I Thinking? (by Shilpa Ray)
19. Eulogy (Reprise)
20. Try Your Luck Again (by Graham Reznick)

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