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Chasing Ice   (2013)

• de Jeff Orlowski • En salle le --2013

B.O de J. Ralph

Le chanteur J. Ralph écrit la musique de ce documentaire, premier long-métrage du jeune réalisateur américain Jeff Orlowski.

[© Texte : Cinezik] •

Chasing Ice

Sortie de la BO

Universal Republic & Lava Records (19 novembre 2012)

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. Before My Time
2. Is It or Isn't It Happening?
3. This Light Won't Last Forever
4. Chasing Ice
5. Humans and Nature
6. A Bigger Story
7. We Must Be Wrong
8. It All Starts With a Horse
9. Solheim Glacier
10. We Went On to Greenland
11. The Glaciers Are Telling
12. Caught On Film
13. Bay Of Pigs
14. Who He Is
15. If I Don't Have Pictures, I Don't Have Anything
16. Turning Point
17. Chasing Ice (Cryoconite)
18. Calculated Risk
19. The Greatest Hoax
20. Maybe That Office Job Wasn't So Bad
21. You're No Longer Just a Human Being
22. We Are the Messengers
23. Chasing Ice (The Canary in the Global Coal Mine)
24. For My Daughters

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