Emily and the Magical Journey   (2022)

• Film de Marcus Ovnell • •   •

• Musique originale composée par Joe Kraemer

Joe Kraemer (Jack Reacher) signe la musique du film d'animation suédois de Marcus Ovnell. 

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Emily and the Magical Journey

Sortie de la BO

Original Score • MovieScore Media (30 avril 2021)

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Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. The Long Walk Home
2. Under the Covers
3. The Forest Nymph
4. The Light Out the Window
5. To the Tree
6. Nightinglar's Magical Home
7. Emily Sleeps
8. Nightinglar's Creatures
9. Leaving the Tree
10. Learning to Fly
11. The Dead Field
12. The Army of the Grown-Ups
13. In Disguise
14. Kidnapping Emily
15. The History of Fanutland
16. The Evil Witch
17. Emily Faces Her Fear
18. Down the Well
19. Confronting the Past
20. In the Chamber of Ice
21. The Crystal Is Retrieved
22. Belarok to the Rescue
23. Replacing the Crystal and Reconciliation.
24. The Forest Awakens
25. A New Day and Finale

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Le Film

Réalisé par Marcus Ovnell

Sortie au cinéma: --2022 (France) -

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