Gus   (2015)

Expecting • Jessie McCormack • •   •

• Musique originale composée par Mark Kilian

Mark Kilian signe la musique du premier film de Jessie McCormack 

[© Texte : Cinezik] •


Sortie de la BO

Original Score [musique originale] • Lakeshore Records (17 décembre 2013)

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. Main Titles
2. Ping Pong
3. Down in the Valley (Traditional) [feat. Bonnie Piesse]
4. Out of Rehab
5. Joyce with the Stoners
6. I Want You to Have It
7. Baby Monitor
8. Too Much for Peter
9. Piercing
10. Screaming and Puking
11. I Thought Someday I'd Want Them Too
12. Cart Wheels
13. I Had Plans
14. Your Baby Is Now the Size of a Sweet Pea
15. It's Coming
16. Gardening
17. Casey's Old Flame
19. Has Anyone Seen My Testicles
20. Breakdown
21. I Miss My Friend
22. So Much Month Left at the End of the Money
23. Use Your Words
24. Ultra Sound
25. Awkward Dinner
26. Your Baby Is Now the Size of a Squash
27. Meet Gus
28. Peter Leaves
29. Casey's Jiz
30. I Didn't Know I Was Gonna Feel This Way
31. Talk a Lot of Smack, Do a Lot of Smack
32. Your Baby Is Now the Size of a Kiwi
33. Dog in Baby's Clothing
34. Home Alone
35. I'm Pregnant
36. She Wants to Just Give Us Her Baby

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Le Film

Réalisé par Jessie McCormack

Sortie au cinéma: --2015 (France) -

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