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Hell on Wheels, saison 1  (2013)

Hell on Wheels, season one

Entertainment One Music (7 août 2012) |

Gustavo Santaolalla signe le thème de générique et Kevin Kiner le Score de cette première saison de la série TV de la chaine américaine AMC.

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Hell on Wheels, saison 1

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. Hell On Wheels (Main Title)
2. Weak of Heart
3. Cullen the Hero
4. Survey Lily
5. Going To Church
6. Ruth And Joseph Kiss
7. Black Powder Is Here
8. Searching Johnson's Tent
9. Elam Victorious
10. Drink To Feed Fire
11. Powder Go Boom
12. Raiding the Camp
13. Going Hunting
14. Railroad Gave Us Freedom
15. Don't Know the Bible
16. Explosion Aftermath
17. Building a Town
18. Cullen Escapes
19. The Sacrifice Is Over
20. Grow Old And Die Together
21. It's All Over Now
22. Durant Suggests a Race
23. Townspeople Return
24. Well Done Elam
25. Ruth Goes To the Fight
26. Bridge of Bodies
27. Stay Home With Elam
28. Looking For Frank Harper
30. And They're Off
31. Lily Does Some Sewing
32. Men Like Us
33. Authors of Their Destruction
34. Hell On Wheels (Main Title) [Extended Version]

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