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Pour qui sonne le glas   (1943)

For Whom the Bell Tolls • Sam Wood •

• Musique composée par Victor Young

Victor Young retrouve une seconde fois Sam Wood après "Raffles, gentleman cambrioleur" (1939).

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Pour qui sonne le glas

Sortie de la BO

Varèse Sarabande Club (15 décembre 2014)

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. Main Title / Roberto And Kashkin Blow Up A Train / Kashkin Falls (3:46)
2. Roberto And Anselmo Climb To The Cave / Pablo: "In These Mountains, I Command!" / Rafael, The Gypsy / Pablo's Jealousy / Roberto And Maria: "This Is A Very Strange Woman, Roberto. She Is Of No One!" (5:41)
3. Pilar: "She Has A Tongue ... It Bites Like A Bullwhip!" / Pilar Sees Death In Roberto's Palm (4:27)
4. Politics In The Cave / Roberto Explains His Cause / Maria Warns Roberto About Pablo: "If He Pretends To Be Friendly, It Means He Has Made A Decision." (3:19)
5. Maria's Confession / Roberto's Kiss / Maria: "I Don't Know How To Kiss, Or I'd Kiss You. Always I Wonder ... Where Do The Noses Go?" (3:12)
6. Maria: "In The Evenings, We'll Make Love." (3:01)
7. El Sordo Retreats / Pilar: "What Use Is Courage If You Have No Head? El Sordo Has Both. He'll Understand." (2:25)
8. Maria And Roberto, Their Night Alone: "All The Things You Have Told Me Tonight. It's As If You've Already Taken Me To America." (3:48)
9. The Sun Rises / Maria Alone / The Bridge Is Blown (4:17)
10. Roberto Returns To Maria / Roberto, Alone, Awaits Death / (5:54)

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