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American Nightmare   (2013)

The Purge • James DeMonaco • En salle le 07-08-2013

• Musique composée par Nathan Whitehead

Le compositeur Nathan Whitehead travaille pour la première fois avec le réalisateur James DeMonaco.

[© Texte : Cinezik] •

American Nightmare

Sortie de la BO

Back Lot Music (4 juin 2013)

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. You're Number One
2. Let's Growl
3. Timmy
4. Charlie's Secret Room
5. Lockdown
6. Family
7. I Came To See Your Father
8. Emergency Services Will Be Suspended
9. This Night Saved Our Country
10. The Purge Is Working
11. Who Needs A Car On A Boat?
12. Zoey's Gone
13. Be Careful, OK?
14. You Need to See This
15. Toodaloo, Sandins
16. Charlie Watches
17. James And The Stranger
18. That Will Be Thee
19. There Are People Outside
20. I Am Not Dying Tonight
21. Nothing Is Ever Going To Be OK Again
22. I Bid Thee Farewell
23. Are You Hurt?
24. Release The Beast
25. Your Soul Has Been Cleansed
26. Neighbors
27. Thank You
28. Ours, Not Theirs
29. Blessed Be The New Founding Fathers
30. No More Killing Tonight

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