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Un fils du sud   (2022)

Son of the South • Film de Barry Alexander Brown • • Au cinéma le 16-03-2022

• Musique originale composée par Steven Argila

Steven Argila signe la musique du bopic de Barry Alexander Brown. 

[© Texte : Cinezik] • #SonOfTheSouth @LakeshoreRecs

Un fils du sud

Sortie de la BO

Lakeshore Records (6 février 2021)

Lien d'achat :

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. It Won't Be Long ‘Till We're Married
2. Not Choosin' Is A Choice
3. I'll Try Anything 3 Times
4. You're On The Front Page
5. You'll Have A Helluva Story To Tell When You Get There
6. Find Out Where They Buried Freedom
7. Knockin'
8. Why Are You Really Down Here?
9. I'll Get You Close
10. We Gotta Skedaddle
11. Traveling Down Freedom's Main Line
12. Chicken Feathers
13. Hold On To This For Me
14. I Wanna Get On That Bus
15. The Fight For Freedom
16. Passing The Time
17. I'll Tell Daddy You Said Hi
18. One Of The Most Beautiful Sounds I'd Ever Heard
19. Should We Be Doing This?
20. They Killed Herbert Lee
21. They Didn't Even Arrest Him
22. Just Like A White Cat To Feel Comfortable In A Sheet
23. You Gotta Suffer For The Cause
24. The Principal Caved
25. Head Of The Class
26. Get Him Back In The Car
27. Cut The Goddamn Rope
28. Well Don't Think Too Long
29. End Credits Score Suite

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Autour de cette BO

Le Film

Réalisé par Barry Alexander Brown

Sortie au cinéma : 16-03-2022 (France) -

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