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London Road  (2016)

Universal Music (8 juin 2015) | Original Score [musique originale]

Le compositeur anglais Adam Cork signe la musique de ce film musical de son compatriote Rufus Norris.

[© Texte : Cinezik] •

London Road

Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

1. I Don't Mind Giving Interviews
2. No Let Up
3. Get Out Of My Road
4. Everyone Is Very Very Nervous
5. We're All Guilty
6. It Could Be Him
7. A Bit Of The Shudders
8. Nose Hair, Ear Hair
9. And That's When It All Started It All Kicked Off
10. All The World's Press
11. Nobody Stole Our Festive Wreath This Year
12. If You've Just Joined Us
13. It's A Wicked Bloody World
14. We Were So Getting Fed Up
15. I Wanna Be In A Nice Area
16. Ten Weeks
17. The Plea
18. It's Not Nice Being Labelled
19. Good Evening, Welcome
20. A Real Good Committee
21. Cellular Material
22. We've All Stopped
23. The Verdict
24. London Road In Bloom
25. Oh God! Wow!
26. Everyone Smile
27. Well Look At It Now
28. I'll Ask You Questions
29. London Road In Bloom Finale

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