Fritzi   (2020)

Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale • Film de Matthias Bruhn, Ralf Kukula • •   •

• Musique originale composée par André Dziezuk

André Dziezuk signe la musique du film d'animation allemand de Matthias Bruhn & Ralf Kukula.

 Interview B.O : André Dziezuk (L'ENFANT RÊVÉ, BALLE PERDUE, FRITZI)

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Sortie de la BO

Original Score • 22D Music (9 octobre 2019)

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Tracklist (de la BO en CD ou Digital)

Fritzi's Overture 1:14 
Fritzi and Sophie 0:31 
Why Does Anybody Want to Go There? 1:02 
Mom, Take It Easy! 1:27 
Tomorrow Is the First Day of School 0:53 
Word of Welcome 0:41 
Frau Liesegang 1:32 
A Visit to Sophie's Apartment 1:00 
The STASI 0:50 
Sophie Did Not Want to Leave 2:27 
The Travel Agency 0:47 
Nikolai Church 2:20 
Bad Encounter at the Travel Agency 2:28 
Maybe We Need a Little Help 1:10 
Wow That's Pretty Far Up! 1:37 
Sophie Misses Sputnik so Much 1:02 
It's Only for Four Days 0:51 
The Trip 1:05 
On the Way to the Wall 2:01 
The Border 2:32 
Back Home 1:21 
We Are the People 0:49 
Leave Me Alone 2:04 
Representatives What Is Your Decision 1:14 
We Have to Go to the Demonstration Mom! 1:45 
Daddy Is Back 1:09 
Fritzi & Sophie Reunited 4:17 
Fritzi's End Credits 3:35 

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Interview B.O : André Dziezuk (L'ENFANT RÊVÉ, BALLE PERDUE, FRITZI)

Le Film

Réalisé par Matthias Bruhn, Ralf Kukula

Sortie au cinéma: --2020 (France) -

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